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Joined Aug 24, 2008
What's up NT,
I recently tried cleaning the mesh on my girlfriend's shox using detergent and oxyclean, and they inexplicably turned brown. Yesterday, I used BKF for thefirst time letting the paste settle on the first shoe for 2 min, while on the second shoe for two hours. The second shoe turned out much better (while still abit brown in certain areas) so today I put the paste on both shoes and I am deciding to leave it on for the whole night. Is this a bad idea? Does anybodybelieve the ingredients in BKF will somehow damage the mesh. Any thoughts would be of great help. 1
Joined Sep 18, 2008
You should be alright. I'd recomend putting it in a cooler place overnight though because it's when the stuff starts to dry up and evaporate thatyou'll get most of the damage.
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