Barber Shops in TO

May 19, 2005
Yo where do yall get your cuts from out here?

Im in Woodbridge by Vaughan Mills but im willin to make a trip if its worth the cut....thanks yo

name and location would b appreciated. peace
I go to Onyx Barbers in downtown Toronto.
252 Victoria St. at Dundas SQ.
416 363-8408

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Onyx is good, Lloyds across from Bathurst Station as well. Platinum @ Dundas and Hwy 10...Libert what's good son
Cut'n'Run is down..

Woodbine station.
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Barber's Lounge - Danforth & west of Woodbine

the dudes there are funny as hell
Team Saugaour streets is clean
theres places in chinatown that do haircuts for like $5 ahha
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kedar's at birchmount and finch. scarborough stand up!
All jokes aside though, this post is soft (pause).
im not sayin i do up my hair like thattrinibago
if you see me then see me.

Dwayne Lloyd
Omar Mcleod
Jason Huxtable
Justin Shepherd​
Q might be able to speak on the barber situation
i dont wanna spill the beans
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kedar brown! actually earl is better.. big ups to kedars barbershop though best barbershop.
went to kedars on saturday.....think i saw one of u NT cats there with the fantastic 4 am90's? dude with the aqua fitted?

i was the guy in earls chair with the dunk hawaiis....'

big ups to whoever recomended kedars, dude hooked it up lovely just the way i wanted it.....i guess thats my spot from now on.

thanks again
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