Bay Area Barbeque Cook Off


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Alameda County Fairgrounds
Pleasanton, CA

Saturday, August 18, 2007
11AM 9PM
Sunday, August 19, 2007
11AM 8PM

Parking - $8.00

Join us as we host Top Award Winning BBQ Cooking Teams from across the country bringing you the best BBQ has to offer. Participate as these top cookers ignite their grills for Charity.

Award Winning BBQ Cookers
Live Music Entertainment
Local Bands
Kids Zone
Celebrity Judges
Fundraising for Charity

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Crux, I ate so much I almost fell asleep driving back home to Daly City. My cousins are heading there tomorrow, I might go again for seconds! LOL!
Joined Feb 14, 2005
Jus got back folks :smh:
. Got there @ 2:00 and spent 3 HOURS in line. Only 4 vendors selling food and the lines were mad loooooong- no joke. Once I got to the front, everything was sold out except the pork ribs. My boy don't eat pork and he was >:
. If you guys decide to go, eat BEFORE you get there cuz you will be waitin. Went there thinkin I was gonna eat lunch and endin up eatin an early dinner. Food was aight but not worth the wait. Also, bring your wet naps. Pretty much a waste of gas comin from SF.

Also, :smh:
@ all the fake, liquor store Jordans I seen.
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