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Joined Jan 9, 2010
Sup NT I know alot of you guys are experienced hoopers and avid fans of the game.Im coming off from a  3 month layoff from a broken wrist.Do you all know any drills to help me get back in tip top shape as far as ball handling which out of all my skills has taken the biggest hit.
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have a friend throw wrenches at you while you do zig zag dribbles up and down the court. any kind of wrench will work. 
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It may sound stupid, but start from the beginning. Start with easy drills that include dribbling,shooting and playing in not so competitive games. Just so you can re-acclimated again. Then once you feel comfortable with your skills and as your wrist gets stronger, start doing harder drills and more competitive games. As far as drills go, pick drills that are accustomed to your game.

This is only my opinion, I'm not a doctor or trainer of any sort.
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Pause this whole post but....

Dribble two balls at once, in every way possible for a good amount of time daily. Dribble high in one hand and low in the other, walking/running forward/backward while dribbling them alternatively and at the same time. Come up with other different ways with a ball in each hand to do.

Do short quick dribbles around your feet doing figure 8s, and then alternate the ball's path.
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OP there are a lot of dribbling drills on the net out there, youtube, but the best thing to get your skills back is better basketball better dribbling dvd, there is a torrent out there for it
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At my local gym, what I do to replicate a pass and shoot motion is pass the ball to the wall, catch, and shoot. Repetition definitely helps. 
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Just practice the moves that you were doing before you got hurt. Do them over and over and over and over and over again. That's the best drill you can do.
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1. Put a chair in the paint, start at half court go 3 dribbles to the chair jump stop around it, land on 2 right hand layup x3 then 3 dribble left hand layup

2. spin ball out to yourself rip through jump stop lay up from right wing, then left wing.

3. miken Drill

4. 2 ball dribbles

5. Reverse pivot from the free throw line. Start with reverse one dribble ball in front of you jump stop layup on right side, reverse pivot jumpshot, then ball fake finish on the left hand side.
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Get an easy stressball (not the tough @%+ ones) and use that anytime you are walking. Eventually as your strength builds up, start using it more often (as in all the time). I would take it easy though.
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