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What's up everyone? I need some help choosing a shoe that suits my needs. I'm 6'0", about 230lbs. The last few years, I've played in various styles of shoes but more recently in Foams. I have not yet to try out the new technology Nike has produced. Mainly because like many of you, I own several pairs of old school bball shoes that I just rotate

My needs:


Light weight

able to absorb impact well (tore my meniscus twice)

***I have wide feet, so Hyperfuse's or any of the new slimmer kicks are def outta the question.***

I wanted a shoe that has a full length air bubble unit but can't seem to find any in stores besides the revamped Air Max Sensation. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
Joined Feb 29, 2008
Thanks Phlash, I'll go into the store and try them on. But I think I may go w/ the LeBron's though.
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lebrons are kinda heavy most of the time to me, i havent tried the new ones though
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i actually tore my patellar tendon a few years back and when the original 360 BB shoes came out, they were the only shoes that gave me the protection i was looking for. they then disappeared for a couple years and came back supposedly better than ever, but having owned the lebron 7 and 8 and the air max hyperizes, this isn't the case. the instability caused by the air unit not having the cage does more harm then good.

the cushioning is pillow soft and feels amazing when walking and jumping, but trying to play ball shoes with soft edges puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your knees in particular. i never noticed it until having the lebron 8s because i always have residual knee pain that gets worse when playing basketball, but for the first time in years i had 3 pairs of basketball shoes at the same time. When i would play in the lebrons, i would wake up the next morning with excruciating knee pain that i just assumed to be from my previous injury. i would take a few days off until my knee felt better then play again, but this time in my under armour black ices, a shoe that is much lower to the ground that places significantly less priority on impact protection than the lebrons do. the next morning, i had normal morning stiffness, but no sharp pain in my knees at all.

i love the comfort that the shoes offer, but i feel like the original rendering of the 360s was much better than current models offered and will probably never use a pair for basketball again because i bought these bulky, heavy shoes only to protect my knees and wake up with crippling pain the morning after using them.
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The air jordan 2010s and the Air Jordan Varsity Red 6s are the best sneaks Ive balled in in the past three years
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Jordan A Flight. Honestly they are not the greatest aesthetically, but I find it great to ball in my wife gave them to me as a present before my league started and I've not switch shoes (yet). The Jordan 2011 will give you 2 options for the set up but the A Flight gives me the feeling of support in my ankle and for the impact. Yes I am one of those who are scared to wear low tops which the J 2011 technically is.
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Jordan 11 low has a full-length air bubble. The IE version can stretch for wide feet. Reebok Question lows are best for cushioning.
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