beat making program suggestions vol. summer time!!

Joined May 3, 2008
Yo, what's crackin' NT?
I got another week and a half of school/finals
BUT then I'm freefor the summer!

I need a good hobbie to kill time for the summer. I'll probably be working for my aunt back in San Jose, Ca, for all you wise guys who'd probably tellme to get a job.
But, I've always really enjoyed beat boxing andishh like that since way back. I always wanted to start making beats just for fun, idk, maybe even start some battles with my boys after the
sessions. I've never really looked into it, so does anyone have a suggestion for a good program for a beginner so I can just make some beats forthe summer? Preferably something that is either FREE or inexpensive, I'm kinda tight on money, but a dude still needs hobbies, and something that isn'ttoo complicated too learn how to use.
Thanks ya'll. peace

- I'm about to be done with school
- I want suggestions for a music making program that is free/cheap and easy to use


Joined Dec 16, 2006
FL is probably ur best bet.

very user friendly

some people might tell u to cop hardware or other programs..but FL can get it done. And its not as intimidating @ first glance.

have fun
Joined Apr 9, 2009
I'm in the exact same boat. I've always wanted to mess around with producing but I have no idea where to start. If I were to acquire FL studio how muchaddt'l equipment would I need? I'm not trying to sell beats so this isn't something I want to invest a lot in.
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