Begining of a new month unappreciation

Joined Oct 5, 2006
It's that time again. Beginning of the month so that mean paying bill , bill after bill
Rent, cars, cellphone, cable tv, insurance bills FTL
oh andnot to mention food and gas
. And to top that i just found out ididn't win the Mega lottery tonight

de phx jose

Joined Feb 1, 2009
That's life, man. Still not that point of it for me. I know times do get tough though
Joined Dec 29, 2006
Appreciated. Just followed my Cousin around to pick up rent from tenants on the commercial and residential properties.

The 1st of the month and Stacking Gs FTW.
Joined Jul 2, 2002
I feel you man. Just paid my rent and it HURT. Rent, Credit Card, Cable, Cell Phone, Car Insurance
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