Bellflower directed by Evan Glodell

Joined Nov 22, 2007
If someone can post the trailer that'd be great, I can't embed.

It's an indie flick that was shown at Sundance and got a good response.  I checked it out and really enjoyed it, the story, though at bit was hard to care for in the beginning caught me interest after a while and the second half of the movie was engaging.  I suggest whoever likes movies that have a 'realer' feel to them/amateur directing type to check it out.  
Joined May 1, 2006
this comes out on blu-ray in like 2 weeks so i'm waiting til then to finally watch it. I've heard nothing but good things about it though
Joined Nov 22, 2007
It was really good man, the director/actor did a good job of making all the character's believable... and that's what kept me interested.
Joined Sep 18, 2008
It looks dope. But I can't really tell what it's about. Just that couple in their trailer or is it more than that?
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