Best Barber in NYC

Sep 1, 2004
NT help me find a good barber I'm that dude who always need a fresh cut and I'm gonna be living in Manhattan in year. I am willing to go anywhere as long as dude is worth it. Post pics if you can to see what up

I won't go anywhere in Manhattan except for Washington heights, cuz im not trynna go to Chelsea and have some Karomo hair stylist give me a nisch nisch haircut (word to bruno on the ali g show)

My experience shows that Dominican/Puerto Rican barbers are on top of the hair cutting game (so that would be proffered) I went into some dude on kings bridge in BX and he was playing some regaee and blazed out his mind like if he got out of a Rastafari meeting. So please non of that

I'm Dominican my hair isn't that supper nappy hair its more kinda like

my dude daddy yankee

So NT which barber do you recommend?
new world order
Dominican/Puerto Rican barbers are on top of the hair cutting game..... Yes we are
i Go in the bx, alot off place .... but im bout to start giving my self hair cuts cuz it feels like im payin barbers to screw my shape up up... im tryna find the right barber
dam... there like 60 million shops within a 20 block radius. well there this bangin spot call all star barber shop on 187th and st. nicks. they'll hook u up... everybody got skills there... even women be cutting hair.

2nd spot is in 173th and st nick.. its callled nico's barbor shop. everybody is good in there except for this 1 dude wit long hair.. donot let him cut your. he will mess ur hair up and over charge u. dude charge me 15 for a shape up with a blow out... these are the shops that i go to cuz i dont have time to be testin out new shops. risking my but i highly recommed allstar.
I'm stackin dough up, and cuttin coke up, Ive been rockin Jays since A.I. had a Bowl Cut
dog go to my barber on 150th and amsterdam his name is T. If you go there you will never wanna go anywhere else. trust me. i have his number if you want. PM me
Dr. Cuts in East Flatbush my son Dez puts it in.


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This spot with this Haitian Dude on Flatbush and Foster. I haven't let anyone else do my hair in like 3 years.
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