Best Beard Trimmer?



I have a baby face so when I'm forced to clean shave because my current beard trimmer is a sucks.

can you recommend me something that will cut evenly and make my beard look clean?
Joined Feb 9, 2011
honestly i just use clippers with a gaurd, and gently trim over it because its so easy to overtrim a hard earned beard :smh:

Never mash your clippers into your beard because you will trim too much everytime, and always trim WITH the grain
Joined Aug 24, 2008
^ for shaping it up. Didn't read quest right. Best beard trimmer? Def not to outliner that's for shape ups... Any clippers with guards pretty much
Joined Nov 24, 2009
I bought a nice Philips- Norelco even stubble shaver last year. It's been great so far and catches the hair so there's no mess.
Joined May 13, 2013
I use clippers. They do a great job trimming facial hair. Wahl has quite a few good affordable ones at walmarts, target etc...
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