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hey nt,
I'm 14, 5'3", 100 pounds. I play either the one or two, and play more of a controlled half court style of game, but i can play more of an uptempo game (although im not the fastest guy on the court), so i would need a shoe that reacts relatively well. I also have been known to twist my ankles, so i would need a shoe with good ankle support.
I'm growing out of my AM 180's. what is the best shoe for me out of these?
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If so , I pick the AF25 definitely! All in one except perfect ankle protection, let's say 8.8 (10max). Still better than all those 3 you mentioned!
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if ur looking for shoes that they still sell currently, and not shoes that debuted years ago, then the Zoom Kobe II Sheath/ Ultimate should be ur shoe

and mostly because of ur weight, u'll want a light shoe, and Kobe specifically said that he wanted his shoes to be as light as possible but still having that good performance.
for today's performance shoes, i think the AZKII would be one of the best choice, u can also look into the Jordan Melo M3 and the Jordan XXII (although on the average, the current Jordan line shoes don't seem to be able to hold up very long, so its not very durable- (if ur planning to use them for a lengthy period)]
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among the choices, 2k4 or gil zero should be fine. but 2k4 over the gil zero.
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Ziostilon, thanks for the advice. but i can find a shoe that debuted a couple years ago (i can find the 2k4 on
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the air max 180's are pretty nice. they are a pretty stiff shoe, but have a nice bounce and have good ankle protection. not the greatest traction, though.


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The Huarache line is really good. I think the 2k5 would be good for you. I have those and love those. Also the Kobe I or II would be a great shoe for guards.
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