Best "Lockdown" shoe for other req

Aug 21, 2004
I just want a shoe that will keep my foot secure. I am tired of sliding off the footbed and jamming my toes on hard stops. It can be any brand and either a mid or low. Thanks!
any shoe with a midfoot strap (like the the and1 chosen one) will be good in terms of lockdown fit. the lebron 20.5.5, soldiers, nike air limeghits and air max enforcers provide good lockdown. pump tech seems like it would work, but they're questionable tech in my eyes. the adidas pilrahna gave me the best lockdown among all thew shoes i've had, and fit me well even a half size big.
I'm really liking the LeBron Zoom Soldiers when it comes to lockdown, I never jam my toes on hard stops compared to a few of my outdoor shoes without midfoot straps.
any shoe with a midfoot strap

...if your foot is moving around in the shoe then your shoes may be too big.

do you have wide feet? if not, try on the shoes in your normal size then try on the same shoe .5 to 1 size smaller. that may solve your problem
penny iv(so much so that its hard to get in and out of) flightposite 1,zoom kobe 2,nike zoom lebron iv,nike zoom drive(a bit on the narrow side though),nike foamposite pro/one(lebron iv would be a better choice to ball in though),nike air force operate, just off the top of my head
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Lockdown is the most important part in a basketball shoe for me, too, since I have pretty narrow feet. A good indication is how far down the lacing system goes towards the toes - the further, the better the fit. So in my opinion...

Best lockdowns:
- Flightposite (all-around perfect shoe anyway)
- Jordan XIII + XIV
- Foamposite One

Good lockdowns:
- Lebron IV
- Shox BB4

Don't read this sentence.
If all you care about is lockdown fit and nothing else:

Easy to get:

Zoom Soldiers

Harder to get:

Jet Flight
Zoom Flight 2K3 (Half size down and this will feel like lightning in a shoe)

And looking back, when I first started getting into bball shoes I never thought that I would have the last three shoes on that list, but after searching I'm damn happy to say that I do.
Yeah, I got 2K3's in my normal size and half size down.

They're good both ways, but I actually prefer half size down. I just feel quicker in them when they're really snug and fit right against my foot.

And I would have put Lebron II's, but I don't like fit at the heel. Traction is also not too good for me, but other than that it's a great shoe.
Jordan 13's
Zoom BB's provide good lockdown too

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Zoom Kobe 2 has the best lock down of any shoe I have ever tried

I also have the lebron II, Lebron 4. 20.5.5. , XX2, ZKI, and a lot of other shoes. Zoom Kobe 2 is what you need to get for lock down
I'm disagreeing with XIVs, those things are lockdown but so dang uncomfortable.
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not sure if anyone else notices....but I can almost swear the LBJ IVs have what feels like nice cushioning to prevent your toe from slamming the front
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The Adidas Kobes. I think it's a result of them having like 20 lace loops, I got the playoff Meshs
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