best Miami club? 21+ sat 06/16VOL Bana?

May 18, 2005
Sup sup, gonna be around your way(Orlando) for a week and miami for the weekend.
I want to hit a 21+ club on Sat jun 16th. WHAT'S GOOD?

I want something classy and mainly hiphop, can't do techno all night.
Something comparable to an nyc club

Hookups would be lovely, any advice?

Edit: just realized I had the wrong date in the title.
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if your gonna be in orlando id hit up paris, antigua, or taboo. If your gona be in miami see wats goin on at mansion and then check out all the downtown clubs for hiphop (space, nocturnal, metropolis)
If you're tryin' to hit up Mansion while in Miami, I'd advise you to get there sorta early. When we tried to get up in there, the line was down the block. The reputation proceeding that place is enough to make pretty much everyone wanna go there & you'll be on line for a good minute tryin' to get in. I also heard they are very maticulous (sp?) at the door as far as what you're wearing. I would recommend you do the hardbottom & slacks thing if you're gonna go. We tried to get up in this club called Opium & we watched as people with slacks & dress shoes walked right in while we stood there waiting for like 40 minutes in 200 dollar AF1's & Polo knits. Just play it safe & bring interview clothes if you're gonna club.....
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Is it even worth it? I heard Mansion was whack.
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mansion is good..

go downtown though..try out space, its been a good minute since i've been down there..but i had fun
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