Best non-sig shoe for college wing player?

Aug 21, 2004
I am 6'2'' 225 and play the 2/3 for my local university. We don't get shoes for summer camps or training so we have to buy our own. Only problem is, coach won't let us play in sig shoes. :rolleyes
Brand doesn't matter. Thanks!
Huarache line (2k4, 2k5, 64, elite) is your best bet, as well as the adidas promodels. they got lots of different colorways for both lines.
Huarache's are very good...air zoom legend is actually a really good shoe too....its the same as the kobe 1, but without his name.....light weight cushion....
^^ is old school. He hates sig stuff and wears Champion everyday. He has the completely unreasonable idea that if you wear sig stuff, you are focusing more on looking good than playing. He also doesn't allow headbands, wristbands, shirts under your jersey, etc.
how about buy yourself a pair of lebrons and transfer to a different school....preferably your rival, and kick his *** in your lebrons
no shirts under your jersey? dang.
i hope no coaches around my way are like that.

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your coach sounds like a jerk. get some Air Max Enforcers. Its supposed to be a big man shoe, but a lot of guards like them alot.
i like the enforcers, they look good

but look at the promodels, those are ill shoes. comfortable, nice traction, super light
can't go wrong with the huarache elite or the KG bounce they are not flashy so they don't look like sig kicks
Crazy eights(adidas), huaraches 2k4 or 2k5, nike air total package... but i totally agree on the fact that if your coach is so oldschool how can he even tell what a kobe shoe even look like? lol
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and like guy up there said about the Zoom Legends, they're worth a try. A couple of my teammates love them
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