Best Paintball parks?

May 8, 2007
Where are the best paintball parks in Los angeles? I'm planning to go with like 10 friends and want a place that is reasonable price and is good all around. We're all beginners and it'll be either the first time or second time for 2 people in our group playing paintball. Also if anyone knows where i can get cheap paintball passes for good field or if anyone is selling passes Pm me or email me at

But anyways what are some good fields?
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hey i am selling some passes for paintball. it's at hollywood sports at bellflower. its a full day pass. gear and gun rental included. but not the bullets. i believe it is worth 60+ dollars but i'll sell them for about half price. hit me up. check up the site too of hollywood sports.
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SC Village (I use to go 4-5 yrs ago, not sure how it is now)

Has tons of insane maps, dope vibe, group events, etc.

Remember if you're going with a group pack your whip with a gang of food and drinks, so you can just eat it there.

Look them up online, I believe they're located in Corona.
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we just went to hollywood sports park. not bad for beginners. you might want to rent your gun somewhere else though. if you can get more then 12 people i think then you can get private games at hollywoodsports park.
I would have to go with sc village on this one really fun maps and a lot of them. I was mostly playing on the speedball fields but there were a lot of scenario fields also. I hear hollywood sports is cool but a lot of people still prefer sc village over it so you should check it out
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I heard California Paintball Park is like the largest in La or something at least that's what they on their site.
I also heard hollywood sports is cool and it is the closest one to me but i heard on weekends its crazy packed and thats probably the only time my whole group can go.
The thing is we want to play just our group together with maybe a couple of other people. Our group at most is 15 so do you guys think they'll let us play 7 on 7?

Has anyone ever been to any of these paintball parks?

California Paintball Park?

Warped Paintball Park?

Paintball Fury Paintball Park?

Are these any good?

And wat is speedball? Considering im probably gonna buy my paintballs there it seems really expensive.
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speedball is a smaller course usually with like large tubes or spindles its a faster game considering its in a small area with really not much hiding spots I prefer it over the big scenario far as paintballs go juss go to a paintball shop and get paintballs there it'll be much cheaper but I know u should check with the place your going to because a lot of times they require you to buy their own paint and there prices are going to be really expensive
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if anyone wants any day passes at hollywood sports hit me up. full day passes with gear and gun rental. half the price :pimp:
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SC Village is the best So. Cal paintball park hands down! Its located in Chino, CA, but its worth the drive from anywhere you come from. They are also beginner friendly, so i highly suggest you check it out. Hit up their website for all the information you need (

PSN: mikeLBC
Can't really say in comparison to anywhere else, as I've only been here, but SC Village is the shizzle. LOL I've been 4 times, and had a ball every time. Courses are fun and BIG, so if you are a beginner, you can stay alive for awhile just running from tree to tree...
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