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Jun 15, 2007
whats up nt. im 5'9" PG and i do alot of cuts and i rely on mr speed mosty

this is what i want:
1.) really good traction
2.) very light
3.)tight fit

what should i get??
Jordan 14's
Cosign^^^^^. Balling in my 14's were great until I sprained my ankle (I sprained them balling in some low top new balances). Now I play in my Penny 4's just for the added security.
check my blog for shoe the top of my zoom brave if you can get them,nike zoom bb's,I havent had a chance to get them oncourt yet but im really liking what Ive felt so far of the adidas ts lightspeeds,14's are nice but I like the 19 se's a little bit better,nike zoom turbine if u can find them,adidas gil zero's n the low or mid are great too.plenty to choose from..try them on see what fits best first then go from there.
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i think u'd be looking for shoes they are currently and previously worn by players like Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas.

That'd be shoes like the Zoom BB Low, Jet Flight, Zoom LBJ II Low, Zoom Flight Turbine, T-MAC II or III (whichever one that has a low-top version or both), RBK Answer IV DMX Low, Gil-Zero, and whatever the new Gilbert Arenas shoe is called.
I think because of what you're looking for, u'll have to take the risk with ankle sprains.
Also recommended above are the XIVs, but i personally would go for the lows since theres a pair of lows. also give the XIII Lows a try. Check out Goosebear10's blog for some reviews on the shoe that he and I recommended, theres also a backup file size of around 37MB saved up of Kicksology Reviews written by Prof. K, and 24-7 Sole also has a blog with a low-top countdown:
nike jet flights, zoom flight turbines, joran xiv's are all good. 2k3's might also work well for you.
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