Best Sneakers To Play BasketBall In

Oct 30, 2007
I'm Lookin For Some New BasketBall Shoes to Play In...I would Like Some Help From Some Of U Guys..I'm Lookin For Something That's Real Comfortable...I Would Also Like Them To Be LightWeight...But That Doesn't Really Matter...I Just Want Comfort and Ankle Support..And If U Can Shoe Some Pics I Would Love That....Thanks
I had the 2k4 and they are good but I can't seem to find them anymore...are there any new shoes that's availible now..that's like what I'm lookin for
this is gonna get moved to shoe reviews but honestly best advice is go out and try on whatever fits you best if you need help or need some background on some shoes or to get an idea check my site for shoe reviews-UNDS'ed
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To an extent it depends on your playing style, body makeup, what you like in cushioning etc., but the all-around favorite is going to be the 2K4 and a well-deserved one at that.
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try the zoom kobe line strengths, ultimates or wait for the lites
i have the strengths and the ultimates and use them both for ballin and there perfect to me
i'm 6'0 play sg, sf
Yea...I'm 6 ft 202lbs I play SG/SF...sometimes the PG...I wear the lebron 4 and they hurt my feet and I wear the lebron 20-5-5....there good but the straps keep falling off and I just want something new.
mayb you should try the new zoom basketball BB... i always hear those are nice.. and seems like a lot of players in the league are using them during the season..

Im balling in the ZK2's (ultimate) right now.. and they're amazing..

OR the zoom soliders.. which are a version 2 of the 20.5.5 (so i hear)
zoom bb are really good ball shoes
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i'd say go for the zoom BBs as well. some neutral colorways dropped recently and if you have a footlocker coupon or something you can get them under retail
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i love my 2k4's and kobe 1's because i like lighter shoes with zoom air/carbon fiber spring plates. i don't think the zoom bb's have the spring plate, but i can't wait to try them out. another one i like is my air zoom generations with my wade 1 insole.
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Nike Shox stunner and Air Jordan X..Very comfy...your feet feels secure..The stunners are kinda in the heavy side though..
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pretty much its Zoom BB, you can't really go any better than that for your expectations. And always the Kobe II line, Strength, Lite, Ultimates.

Zoom BBs are very similar to Ultraflights, so here's another choice if you want more. Zoom GP II is another guard oriented shoe that I would personally like to have tried, but I think its not that bad. And a back in the day choice would be the Air Zoom Kidd, it used the MORF concept.
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converse aerojams, nb 901, rbk reverse jams and of course adidas stealth. nikes and jordans are just the same as others, nothing special other than overpricing.
try the air max 360 bb joints.. very comfy, light weight... just go up 1/2 and wear 2 extra sox for comfort..
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this year the zoom BB's are the best...light weight and good cushioning...they feel like 2k4's

Classics- 2k4's, 2k5's, zoom kobe 1 and 2's, wade 1's and 1.3's

other good ones this year- tmacs, gil's, shox spotlights
im telling you right now.. jordan 22 are AMAZING SHOES... AZK1 and AZK2 are good too.. but my new top pick is the jordan 22.. they are crazy good shoes for performance and comfort .. i totally love these shoes .. they are honestly the best sneakers to play ball in
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