akagi does have cheap bento boxes...

Naked Fish in Hayward and theres one in union city next to tapioca express thats good too.. dont know the name though
i went to this place in the city the other night...its on taraval...

taraval okazu was pretty good...better than most places ive been to..

i lost track of how many times i've been to that spot. it's far from the best sushi/japanese food and kinda pricey for a neighborhood restaurant, but there's really not anything better in the area, which is why it's always packed.

Noriega Teriyaki is pretty good and prices aren't really that pricey.
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Tekka on Balboa in SF.

old fashioned, dont blame the limited seating, arrive early. And i've never seen a sushi chef throw a whole fresh filet of yellowtail because he thought it was "bad".
Happy Roll in Concord has some crackin sushi...
Kamameshi (sp?) Daly City is good too

I know alot more but I forgot the names...
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I'll vouch for Koi sushi in Union City, but I've also heard sushi house in alameda is the best. I've been wanting to go there.
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Yeah, I would say the only downside with Sushi House is that the waits are terrible. Like one time I went past it at like 3:30pm and the the waiting room was full and there were people waiting outside. I don't really have to worry about that though, because I personally know a lot of the hostesses, and the head waitress is my good friend's mom. Too bad the only hookups I have are sushi related. :smh:
^Nice place.

I usually go to Kitaro on Clement.
Price, taste and portions are all good.
I want to try Kaygetsu in Menlo Park.
$97/person for their kaiseki menu.
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KAIS on Park in Alameda and some sushi place near rockridge bart...
sushi house too obviously
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I'm not really big on sushi but my wife is. We pretty much just stick to a few here in the East Bay which are close to our house, haven't tried any in the other parts of the bay. A few spots we go to are Kioku in Newark. Nice variety. Ichiban in Hayward. Gets packed at times but I think it's because it's not really that big inside. My brother loves that place. Also in Hayward there's Sapporo which is pretty good too. Does anyone still go to Miyaki's in Palo Alto? That place gets too loud for me, getting old. :\
i gotta try SUSHI HOUSE... probably going there on Fathers Day

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Downtown Sac
Fair Oaks
Northstar at Tahoe

no question
where can i get the most sushi for my dollar? good sushi too.
need huf fitteds 7 1/2 - 7 2/3
forgot Mikuni Elk Grove and Taro's by Mikuni. And it's official...Mikuni in Summerlin, Nevada. 10 minutes outside of Vegas.
anybody try the new sushi joint at serramonte? i think its called barracuda. went there for Fathers Day and i was surprised. nice environment, fair prices, good sushi.
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I heard Moki Sushi in Bernal Heights in SF is one of the best.

When Benihana had all-you-can-eat sushi for $22.99 back about 5 years ago, it was insane. Used to tear that place apart.

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sen dai in milpitas... best customer service.. and prices... try the toyota roll
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sushi house in alameda. cant beat it
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