best tattoo shop near frisco

Oct 21, 2006
hey guys, im getting a tattoo next weekend. no backing out for me. price is not an option either. i get paid 2moro and i wanna drop it on my very first tattoo. so give me some advice, especially since i will probably need to set up an appointment. i was looking for the old tattoo topic, but i couldnt find it. anyways, ive narrowed my places to these 3 places

Everlasting Tattoo
Black & Blue Tattoo
Picture Machine

this was based off reading numerous reviews. since it will be my first tattoo, i really did my research. i could use some help, if there is a better place, please let me know cuz i would appreiciate it. thanks
the one in colma and the one in mission have fun

i was serious
I am the Beast... i dont even talk i let the visa speak. and i like my sprite easter pink
I know that picture machine used to be really good but......I heard that the lost alot of employees and I haven't checked out their new location. So, I wouldn't know. Everlasting is pretty good..I got mine done there and the people/setting was chill. They do some good work. Bit most importantly check the ARTIST and not just the shop!!!!!! Go in to each of them and look through each artists book and see what style best matches what you want.
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