Best Teeth Whitening kits?

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Sups NT, I been drinkin a lot of coffee and pepsi as of lately, causing my teeth to become a little tinted
. Recommend me some Whitening kits so i can get my toofes back to good. I hear Crest stuff are good, but theres so much crest whitening kits, idk which to get

Thanx in advance

big j 33

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I almost didn't reply because you said "toofes"

I drink coffee regularly as well as soda, but I've had success with Crest Pro Effects strips. They might work just as well as the cheaper version for all I know.

I also use a toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide and my teeth are white enough for me.
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carbamide peroxide - the dentists use it in their clinics

+ custom bleaching tray - your dentist has to make that too


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I've read that some of these kits eat away at your teeth as they whiten, thinning them out.
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whitening's not good for you. just buy a tube of whitening toothpaste and use that. the strips/bleach/tray/lazer treatments all eat away at your teeth.
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get the Crest advance whitening strips
studies show that Crest whitestrips are just as effective as the dentist whitening

I work at a dentist office and this is what my dentist tells all his patients

Pros and cons


You have to put it on everyday, meaning you might get lazy, and not do it anymore

The dentist whitening whitens the back of your teeth too (but no one sees the back)


You dont have to make the trip to the dentist office which is 2 trips usually

It can be cheaper with coupons floating around

btw, people who say the strips wear down your teeth

its because of the bleach right, but the dentists uses bleach stuff too, so either wear, your teeth is going to be sensitive after

IMO- go for the whitening strips, i had to deal with patients who wanted their teeth whitened before, AND IT IS A B@$*% TO MAKE! take is easy on them!
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Originally Posted by daprescription

I just brush 4 times a day and use the crest whitening mouth wash

ever since i got two cavaties ive been brushing like 6 times a day. i feel ashamed in myself

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I do crest white strips once a crest extra whitening toothpaste and im good to go.
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