Best Time of year to go to the Philippines

Aug 8, 2006
I already have a place picked out to stay thanks to kingcrux for the link to the hotel. My next question when is the best time of year / lowest fares to plan my trip. I was planning on going in August but, was told that was rainy season. :frown:

All suggestions would be most helpful as this will be my first time back in 12 years! Thanks Again! :D
best time to go is like dec or jan its not as hot there and if u want the best fares like if u do go in dec or jan book your tickets like in oct or nov that way they will be cheaper i hope this helps
I went back for the 1st time in 5 years back in 05 and nothing beats Christmas in the PI. Ive been living overseas for quite a while now (counting the years when I also stayed in the US) and I tell you the Christmas atmosphere in the PI is priceless.

Thing about going back home around that time of the year is the fare. It cost me some $X500 CDN 1 1/2 yrs ago for a round trip ticket (I got charged for an extra $500 because I left Canada on the 16th, which is the major peeeeaaaak days of December until the 23rd). There's only a handful of airlines that travel to the PI here so I had no choice (and plus I had to get pampered on my flight too so I chose some good seats).

I dont really know what to suggest you. It also depends on the purpose of your trip. If you really want to see all of your relatives, Christmas is the best time. Anything else, the dead season like September, October, January would be great I guess if you wanna save some $$$.

I'm just warning you, if you decide to go on Christmas, you better be loaded
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I went back in 04, october wasnt too bad,,,if getting drunk is your purpose lol octoberfest and fiesta was one of the best experience i had in my the girls are damn hot..
if you don't wanna face the grimey heat, mas maganda kung umuwi ka during the christmas time. mga mid december to mid january. mainit pa rin, pero hindi kagaya ng init ng june-july season. =)
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Yeah..Christmas/New Years period is the best time..can't wait to go back at the end of this year.. :smokin
I see people wear jackets in December its so funny i dont know why. It'd be hot as hell and really humid and people think its cool enough to sport jackets. I just don't get it.
^It's RELATIVELY the coldest non-rainy season here. I don't think a lot of people would wear jackets just to look "cool." It's just how we have adapted to the given climate conditions. What may still be hot somewhere would already be cold here.

And I guess you're not from here. Otherwise you would have at least the capacity to comprehend that concept and give the people the benefit of the doubt that they're not doing so to look cool.
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I've gone back on all the months of the year and I would say that December to mid February is the best time. Weather is tolerable (hot, but not too hot).

As far as the worse time, it's definitely from April to early August. The hot and humid weather is just unbearable. Last time I went there during this time, I flew back a week early. Ended up with a severe rash due to the heat and I just was not able to adapt to it and I was on business trip at that time. You'd have to kill me before you can convince me to be there again on summer time.

Someone commented above about their attire back there with them wearing jackets. I actually wondered the same thing. Even on cold season in PI, it is hot for me. Especially since we're not used to that type of weather here in US. What really gets me though is when I was there last time during summer, I was literally roastin' and these fools got on long sleeves and a jacket. Damn!!! I attended a Francis M. gig during that time and I chopped it up with him a bit after his show and I asked why this is and I couldn't stop laughing at his reply. He told me that some wear long-sleeves or even a jacket although the weather is burnin' cause it makes them look "sosyal" .... BWAHAHAHAHA!

It's all gravy though. I love PI. See you again in December!!!
christmas time without a shadow of a doubt.there is this unexplainable vibe in the Phills during christmas,you would never think that your in a third world country.mall wide sales left&right,massive amounts of people all in a christmas-infused rush,the smell of freshly made bibinka,who wouldnt want to be part of all that?ive spent christmas in japan,italy,australia,california &new york and christmas in the Philippines wins hands could take that one to the bank.
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My bad Sadimak for not having the "capacity to comprehend" but I have lived here for 2 years and that's what I have seen and observed.
Best time would be November - January. Christmas there is just so fun. You will see the Christmas spirit in every person. Children caroling is fun to see and hear cuz you will never experience that here in the U.S. And the food there is so delicious. And New years is so fun cuz you get to play the fireworks but they are very expensive.
I left the Philippines in 1992 and have been there 3 times since (1997,2002, 2006) and i can say that the WORST time to go there is from July to September (during the summer vacation here) its during rainy season altho its not so bad but I wouldnt get to see my cousins and relatives much since they would have just started with their schools and universities. Really regret never being there for Christmas season.
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yes,christmas time will be the best time to come here in the Philippines
christmas lights,christmas spirit,and there is a closeness with everyone that only comes in once a year
not to mention that relatives who have also gone abroad will be home for the holiday seasons so there is a big chance you will see most of your relatives during december
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