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Jul 19, 2002
Is there anything to do around east new york in BK? Im going to visit my girlfriend who recently moved from DC to east new york. Shes form NY but hasnt lived there in many years. I've heard that this is sort of the "hood" is it safe for me to drive my BMW there? are there secure parking lots nearby or on atlantic ave. ? am I better off keeping my beemer out of harms way all together and renting a car? anything cool to do or see in this part of BK? I may try n go to Manhattan one of the days but i have a feeling i be spending most of my time just posted up in the hood...

assistance is appreciated
Downtown Brooklyn is nice....Flatbush is cool as well as Canarsie...Manhattan has some good food spots. the weather is pretty bad now so renting a car seems to be the way to go.
nothing what so ever to do in east new york, i'm a fellow brooklynite (Bedstuy), agreed with sherwin downtown bk court st is ckool
east new york is the most crime ridden area in all of new york state. Watch your back.
^ word

im no stranger to the g.h.e.t.t.o. i'll be on my p's n q's

decided to go rental as well and leave my baby out of harms way, thanks for the input yall
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