Black Military 4's Updated Take a Look!

Joined Jul 5, 2006
I am so proud of this photoshop i juss did i was looking at a post about the black grapes and i thought about black military 4's and the final product i think looks good. Let me know what you guys think bout these...

Black Military IV's

"History In The Making"
Joined Jul 5, 2006
Yo thanx for showin sum love i fixed em up a lil bit........ ClearSmoke you can think they look fake, but i think they look dope.........

Well heres the new one...........

"History In The Making"
Joined Nov 16, 2003
Make the toe black, the wings black, the netting black, the laces black, the tag black and have the jumpman on the tag red... Just my opinion but i think it will look alot better... try it out and post the pic when you have time...
You say I'm not The "E"??? You wanna make a bet???
Joined Apr 8, 2008
i think they look good, although they do look MAD fake with the color blocking....but dope nonetheless
Joined Oct 9, 2006
This idea has some potential. I think they would look much better if black dominated the shoe more. Also, change it to Military?


Staff member
Joined Jul 30, 2008
pretty ill! People don't understand that's not white its grey.So blk/grey/blue.Nice color scheme.
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