black spiridons?!??

Joined Feb 27, 2003
I never get tired of seeing those black spiridons. I passed on the black and blue ones a few years back, I didn't know what I was missing.

My cousin has one of my grails, the OG Concord Spiridons. What I would do to get me a pair of those.

Joined Jun 7, 2005
those orange and grey patent ones kevin2nd posted are stupid. Just ******ed.

Quick question, where exactly did the retro colors drop (were they a quickstrike, urban account, etc) and there were only 2 colors retroed (blue and silver)?Did any other colors come out? Personally, i haven't seen a pair of spiridons in a store since the originals.
Joined Sep 13, 2001
kevin2nd: Those are truly a beautiful pair of kicks. Metallic orange is serious.

flipkickz: Waaaaaay back in the day one of the local shops in my area was clearing the Concord pairs out for $80 CDN a pop - they had FSRs piled up all aroundthe store trying to get rid of them. Seeing as I had won my red/grey pair in a bet I passed on them.

I regret that now.
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