Black yeezy legit check, will give a thumbs up

Joined Oct 10, 2012
Well for one the seller tag isn't even a real tag, just photoshopped/paint created. And the bag is a little shiny. Scales also have a shiny look to them as well. Shape looks okay but the midsole is a little off to me.. Box looks a little small for them too

I would say Fake. 
Joined Mar 18, 2012

shoes are way too off, u can go to yeezy 2 legit check thread, it's all over it and some person already make comparison between legit pairs and replica (low and high quality)
Joined Jun 29, 2013
they're fake but the are one of the best fakes ive seen scales look off to me and the box should be a lot bigger
Joined Feb 8, 2011
fake. lace locks too thin, that ankle cut is sloppy, and you can tell someone tried to "fix" these up by doing their own fading to the scales. legit scales should be more clean. also this person MS painted their tag into the pic :lol: :rolleyes
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