Blackberry bold or iPhone?

Joined Jun 18, 2007
I have an iPhone right now but getting kind of sick of it. Planning to buy a 3g. But was wondering if I should get a BB bold.


Joined Apr 22, 2009
If you like your music and web browsing get the iPhone 3g...
If you need MMS take the Bold...

stoopid reasoning but what else am i supposed to say...
Joined Feb 9, 2008
i would say hang in there a little longer and wait for 3.0.
then if you dont like it, go with the bold

(this is coming from an avid iphone user)
Joined Dec 30, 2004
None, wait for the Palm Pre. Blackberry like keyboard with an iPhone like sized screen.
Joined Nov 21, 2005
anyone know the process of switching from an iPhone 3G to a Blackberry ?
can you just swap out the sim card from the iphone to the BB ?

is the data plan cheaper ?
Joined Oct 13, 2004
I'm pretty sure the data plans required for both phones cost an equal amount. I have the iphone. I've thought about getting the Bold but I decided notto because it has so many features that I know I won't utlize (ie. the email, bb messaging). The iphone has a infereior email system compared to the Bold,but it works well...and I like my emails in HTML anyways. Plus, the iphone is great for web browsing, watching videos, listening to music...all these thingsare pretty much seamless. And the iphone has the app store which is great. If price isn't an issue, and you're not using the phone for business, thengo with the iphone. And I'm pretty certain that there's a grace period for all phones, so if you use the iphone and decide within 30 days youaren't happy with it, you can return it and go for the bold.
Joined Jan 29, 2007
Ive had both...both have there strengths and weakness...with that said...Bold>Iphone
Joined Dec 15, 2004
Had iphone...switched to the bold and don't plan on going back. Bold will hold you down, iphone will hold you up
Joined Jun 18, 2007
since im elligible for an upgrade. I can buy a 3g for 200 or a bold for 200 so idk what to do.

I just sold my iphone 2g for 260 and have another iphone 2g , about to sell it for 250..

ill probably wait for the new firmare update for iphone 3g... 3.0!
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