Blackout! (original) Appreciation

Joined Apr 24, 2006
In light of Blackout 2 dropping, it made me wanna go back and listen to the original, which I hadn't listened to in about 5 years


It's still an amazing album from beginning to end.

The whole vibe of the album was so unique and fun

With the brrrrrrrrr stick em ha ha ha

My favorites:

4 Seasons

Run 4 Cover (with Ghostface)

all the tracks are great though
Joined Nov 20, 2007
When I got BO2 I listened to BO first. Mistake.
The 1st one was shhh all over the 2nd. BO2 is still a really good album doesn't compare to its predecessor
Joined Mar 19, 2002
I love the chemistry of Red & Meth and this album is still as dope as it was when it dropped 10 years ago. "BO2" is a solid album also.
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