Blonde or Brunette?

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Alright, NT. Help a brother out.

I date a lot of girls but now that Im getting older, long term seems to be getting more and more attractive to me. So Ive recently been with this blonde for the past 8 months, and like all others that Ive dated, this b*%$# is scandalous! Hella untrustworthy and skeezin, so I set the trog free. Now that Im back on the market, I need to test some +%$+ out. So simple question here. Would you rather go blonde? Or brunette? I"ll prolly go brunette for the first one just because its been a while since my last- but help me weigh in on this %%%!
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Originally Posted by Crank Lucas

blondes are wild, I like surprises

so true

Me: "so u ready to leave or what?"
Blonde: "umm YEAH!"

hahaha Blondes are good to goooooooooooooo

roc boy jada

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 I'm not sure about the link between personality traits and hair color, but I usually prefer brunettes.
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Now when you say blonde, do you mean any blondes or strickly the ones whom the rug matches the drapes?
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Blonde or brunette, you win either way.

Spoiler [+]
But this is the baddest-flattest blonde out there
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