Bo Knows Dunk High Premium

Mar 7, 2007

Nike is also calling these the Bo Knows Dunk High according to the Members Only Store
Here are the eBay Listings
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not too shabby,i'd hit it.

Karmaloop Rep code:SZ5638 20% off!
retro the damn air trainer 1 chlorophyll already. $200-300 is the going rate now. its out of hand.

that color only works with true originals. whats up with all this inspired by crap. truely inspire us with the real damn thing.

maybe there waiting for the 25th birthday, which would be a more years away
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Looking For:
Penny 2s Sz 6.5 or 7
AJ CG IIIs 7.5
Any color Spizikes in 7.5
not ugly, but still not coppin
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just average, thanks for sharing tho


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By the looks of these Bo doesn't know @#%$.

What's a sneaker boutique?​
i heard or atleast read that the grey part is suede.. that to me is a clincher. these will now be mine.

the sad part is the front toe area is black leather. the orginial trainer 1 has the strap which seperates the black leather and grey suede, which just creates a special mixture. here its just not the same. thats why its never great having inspired colorways because itll never match up with the real thing
Team Vintage Heat​

Never too old.​
Trainer One's > Dunks.

That's just my opinion, always has been.

I'd love to see this colorway drop on a T1 again.

Get it over with.
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