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im going insane right now,my head is about to explode.
i went to work from 9to5 and the manager was being a h** ,my mom and stepdad insisted that i go to some family party,i drive for 45 minutes to the party andget lost,i call for directions and get yelled at for not knowing where the place is at,i decide to not go and drive back home,the girlfriend gets mad,girlfriend gets madder when i race some guy on the freeway,.
i feel like opening my head.
any advice on how to relieve some of this stress and anger??
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Originally Posted by frankthekingdtx

.as;kejgnask;orhg poeihtj gpowiejhr yopwihyjowhejroiwjeroij yweoriyj oerijy weosrijahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Don't take it out on your keyboard cuz you're just gonna be even more heated when you break it can't post
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nothing to be mad about man ....

kids get yelled all the time
girls get mad
and work is work

now that is all over, grabe wifey .. take her to the movies and get some on your way back ...
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its just that im super frustrated with my life right now and everyone is making it worse. school is getting real hard,i have to work a lot,the girlfriend ismaking life real hard right now but i cant seem to get rid of her,family members are getting real sick,and ive been getting real bad headaches.

i wish i had a chick that would relieve me of all my stress.
the chick im with now used to be like that but everything has been going downhill this year.
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Fap, smash,
, or do something else that you really enjoy. It works. Ican relate to a stressful life/lifestyle. I'm sure you didn't gain the satisfaction of racing that dude though. Oh and when your parents start to yellat you on the phone just put it down for a few minutes and pick it up when you think they're done
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