Borgy Manotoc to run for Manila mayor

Nov 27, 2000
Borgy to run for Manila mayor
By Jess Diaz
The Philippine Star 10/17/2006

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos has given way to her grandson Fernando Martin Marcos Manotoc, better known as "Borgy," in the Manila mayoral race in next years elections.

This was revealed yesterday by Borgys mother, Ilocos Norte Rep. Imee Marcos, who announced earlier her mothers planned candidacy for Manila mayor. Instead, Imee said her mother would be Borgys campaign manager.

In a statement, Imee said her mother has convinced Borgy to seek the post of outgoing Mayor Lito Atienza "since he has lots to offer to the people of Manila, particularly the youth."

"Borgy comes from Tondo. His dad, sportsman Tommy Manotoc, hails from Gagalangin, Tondo. Borgys grandparents are all from Tondo. Borgys lineage and roots are all native residents of Manila," she said.

Borgy is the eldest of three sons of Imee and former husband Tommy Manotoc and is the Marcoses eldest grandchild. His relatives on the LaO- Manotoc side include the late Sen. Raul Manglapus.

A former first lady and Metro Manila governor, Mrs. Marcos "still has a strong influence and charisma among the people in depressed areas in Manila," Imee added.

If Borgy, 23, born a few years before his grandfather Ferdinand Marcos was ousted from the presidency, tries politics as his mother announced, he would enter a tight mayoral race in Manila and be ranged against giants.

Senators Panfilo Lacson and Alfredo Lim, Representatives Rodolfo Bacani and Joey Hizon, former Rep. Mark Jimenez, and Vice Mayor Danny Lacuna are all eyeing the Manila mayoralty. An Atienza could be another candidate.

His mother is now on her third and last term as representative of Ilocos Nortes second district. She is planning to run for senator or governor.

Her brother, incumbent Gov. Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., will seek her congressional seat.

The government still has a lot of cases against the Marcos family and their cronies that are pending with the Sandiganbayan. Since 1986 when people power deposed the Marcoses, it has been trying to recover wealth allegedly plundered by the Marcos regime.

Controversial Commissioner Ricardo Abcede of the Presidential Commission on Good Government, who has been photographed recently waltzing with Mrs. Marcos, claims the Marcos family was trying to negotiate a settlement with the government. However, Mrs. Marcos has denied the claim.

In a number of cases, the government has been successful in recovering alleged ill-gotten wealth held by the Marcos family. Recovered assets included more than $350 million kept in Swiss banks.

The deposits have grown to about $650 million. Most of the money, however, has already been spent by the government.
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former Rep. Mark Jimenez

i don't know borgy but mark jimenez? is he out of jail already? he was convicted of racketeering and related charges in the US.
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