Bots... Can They Ever Be Stopped?

Apr 9, 2017
We all know bot programming is ever changing and most companies don't give a damn about stopping it since they don't give a damn who they are selling to. It's almost comical when they do implement ways to try to stop them that usually just ends up making it harder for us to cop the legit way... but do you think it will always be this way? Do people who cop heavy with bots usually have them all sent to the same address... wouldn't this be easy to detect?

Is Puff to blame?

Mar 14, 2010
Pay aftermarket prices. It’s more issues in this world than material goods. Be grateful that you even have the ability to cop. With narcissism at an all-time high, it’ll only get worse. You better play by their rules
Sep 20, 2014
I haven’t bought a releas day shoe in years. Are those purchasing services still available? Didn’t memphissfinest memphissfinest have a successful one? Need these big stage Kobe’s that are releasing.
Oct 8, 2005
I don't see an end to them. its ruined buying sneakers for me.
I've pretty much given up on anything that would remotely have my interest. every year and a half or two (literally) I get "lucky" and hit on something I want manually.
sadly its becoming further and further apart than it already was.

unions were the last thing I hit on (manually and from union's site). from that til off white ivs (from off white) I haven't hit on anything remotely worthwhile. I've never hit on anything on SNKRS. nothing. ever. years of L's. literally. before unions I hit on beluga 2.0's. nothing in between.

so yeah, i'm pretty much done. I will try every now and then and expect nothing.
Jan 11, 2014
As more commerce transitions online, I forecast hypebeast resellers getting into more common essential goods.
its already happening.

The thing that bothers me is these *******s are unnecessary middle men that add ZERO value. I try to only by from resellers (GOAT/StockX) if its <10% over retail, sometimes if its something i REALLY want i will pay a bit more but over the past few years i have definitely chilled out on that. Plenty of dope shoes to still be had at retail (and even better - discount).
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