bottom or top?

Joined Jul 18, 2008
me and my bro had the twin top and the full bottom so I was afraid of him falling on me
Joined Sep 27, 2006
clarify yourself op,

bottom or top? I would rather get top!

bottom bunk or top? I would rather get top, so incase it collapses (but risk falling)

bottom or top of a woman? I prefer her bottom, top ain't got to be all that big.

top or bottom? her on top, im lazy.

Joined Nov 25, 2005

Bunk Beds? I'd rather be on the bottom bed: easier to get on, easier to get off, methane floatsup so farts don't linger around you.
Smash? I'd rather be on bottom: more relaxing, easier smash, I like the view better.


Joined May 3, 2009
I can't even get a nut off on my back.


Ahh we're talking bunk beds. When I stayed in the dorms I rocked with the bottom, it seemed logistical. Coming back plastered and trying to climb upfurniture seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.
Joined Nov 9, 2004
bottom bunk...except when i was in college cuz my homie since 7th grade tried to get it on with his girl on my bed since it was closer to the ground...smh
Joined Mar 13, 2008
I have a bunk bed RIGHT now with my grown %*@. Living at home "FT
". I used to sleep on the bottom... till I let shorty get on top one night
. We CLOWNED so now I sleep on the floor (two full mattresses stacked) cause every support beam is broken and the top bunk is twin (too small).

So with that said, being on the bottom FTW in all scenarios
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