Boxee TV?

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Anybody use Boxee?  It's media center.  It gathers and organizes all your movies, tv shows, music, etc.
Adds descriptions the and covers.
It also pull in all the shows and movies from hulu, abc, cbs etc.
You can link your netflix, twitter, flickr, facebook and lots of other things
You can tweet what your watching, and if someone one your timeline also has Boxee your tweet will show up on their feed on Boxee
It's especially good if you're using your monitor as an hdtv too.
Or just connect laptop to your tv.
I'm using the ipod as a remote (free app for iphone/ipod)

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this looks interesting...

i'm coming close to hitting 2 TB's + worth of blu ray movies/dvd rips, and TV shows...and something like this that would organize them nice would be cool...especially playing it on my TV..

anymore info? i'm installing now.
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man this program is sooo piff...

thanks for the heads up...

yeah i was trying to figure out why they weren't showing up, and then i finally figured it out...

1) press esc so the mini menu comes up

2) click on settings

3) click on media

4) click on local sources and click add new source

5) there you should see all your hard drives...then you click add media types: music, movies, picture and hit once you hit add...go back and hit 'scan source'

there is some lag...i let boxee run over night (because i got a lot of crap) and now that I got up all my stuff is showing up...all my movies, pictures, music, and tv shows...and when you add the new source and scan it...there is an option there to have it rescan automatically every your stuff will update by itself...

i'll post some screens of my stuff in a sec
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Another cool thing is if you have two of the same thing (i have prestige in blu ray and dvd rip) it will give you option which one you want to play...

A couple of my shows and movies aren't showing up, as you can see in my folders there 355 +116= 471...however on my movie list only 408...I am going to do a rescan...all my shows show up though...

Also I am in canada and i dont have access to all those streaming shows...IS THERE ANY WAY around this? can i like change my proxy or something so it thinks i am in the states? that would be unbelievable if i had access to all those other streaming shows (thousands)..

theres also a porn application...
pornotube or porn hub

anyways nice program...surprised no one else is posting in here
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I haven't used boxee much but I've used Windows Media Center, its cool to use it as a DVR but if I were to use a app like this I'd just build a HTPC/seperate mini computer just connected to the tv, would be better than paying a monthly fee for tivo or renting a dvr box. Also if anyone likes the concept of using it as a dvr you can look into cable cards so that you have digital cable to record.

Before cable cards tuners weren't allowed for DIY builders but thats not an issue anymore.
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