Bread 11s Kixify

Joined Jan 19, 2013
The production date on the tag says it started august of 2005...? And the price is 150? Fake. Ask them about the tag though and to send you pictures of the entire shoe not just cut up angles. 
Joined Feb 21, 2013
completely fake
  • Jordan box doesn't have chinese/japanese label in the back of the box.
  • tag is wrong
  • stitching is bad on back of shoe
keep you money!!!!!!!!!
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Joined Jun 2, 2013
well thats why they 150$, though i wouldn't give 150 for perfect reps. They could go around 100$ 
Joined Jan 23, 2013
Ask for tagged pics the carbon looks right to me its funny how every pair of XIs are fake now a days. grey market breds REALLY?
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