Bred 11's fake or legit?

Joined Jun 27, 2013
the right shoe's tongue tag is crooked,

 Real or fake?
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Joined May 29, 2013
I say GM because how thick the tongue is and how thick the ankle cushioning is. Tongue tags from pic doesn't look perfectly aligned with third lace slot but still could just be pics. Pics aren't great could just be the pics. But IMO GM has same material as retail pair so i still say legit. Even if they are GM.
Joined Jun 25, 2013
For technicality-sake, I'd say GM. Too many "imperfections" (the white orb on the heels are misaligned, thickness of tongues/ankles, etc). But by no means are those fake. So I'd definitely cop. Depending on the price of course.
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