Bridal Car help...

Mar 31, 2005
^ Anyone knows where i can rent a Bridal car with good rate and service?
Im looking for Audi, 2003+ BMW & Benz, Jag and 300C.

Or maybe that Blue Skyline R34 with Bronze wheels (saw it on TV "Palimos ng pagibig" Diether's car)

Team Pacific Northwest​
try to call GREAT EASTERN HOTEL Quezon Avenue...they have a Mercedez Benz E class white color...i don't know which year model though...
the best you can do is open a phone book and call every car rental company.
where are you located at? my girlfriend's family has the number 1 catering company in the p.i. and they probably can get you a good deal with the car and reception place.
so yeah...
I was checking that out.. same thing with Grand Terrace but we got some problems with the date. Thanks anyways
Team Pacific Northwest​
^ they own grand terrace.

*EDIT* oh nevermind it's on their website. aight man. hope you find everything you need.
so yeah...
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