Resolved Bright Red Lines and Buttons In Between Each Post

Would you like to see the bright red lines going across the screen between posts removed?

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I totally understand everything said, been following this thread from the start and appreciate both Meth and all of our staff that have been hard at work. I know theres a LOT left to do, both for cyber security purposes and functionality, so I understand the priority and am in no rush when I mention this at all.

But it is imperative that I mention how distracting and hurtful it is to the eye to see SO MANY BRIGHT RED LINES when scrolling down any page. In fact, it makes me NOT want to come to NT and that is extremely sad for me to say because its been like an online home to me throughout everyday for the past 10 years.

Again, I understand priorities and I do not mean to sound like an unreasonable complainer. I just feel this feedback is more important than anything else I think can be improved, because all this bright red jumping at you when scrolling or browsing NT is just so aggravating to the eye it doesn't even allow me to focus in on whats being posted or written.

I know im sounding very dramatic, but i wouldn't be giving feedback in this thread if i didn't think it was that awful.
Again, i understand you mentioned tweaks will be made and im sure you've seen 20 people already mention it so im sure its on your radar, but as a 12 year user i just thought I should give my 2 cents and kindly request that all those bright red lines in between each post either are removed or changed to grey/black/white or something much easier on the eyes.

Thank you Meth and the team, overall as awkward as this transition might be i am confident this modern platform will serve us well moving into the future.


Joined Sep 21, 2012
Don't stone me, but I actually kind of like them, helps differentiate between one post and another post. However I am not super vested in keeping them. o_O
Joined Jul 11, 2013
^I don't mind the lines, I mind that they're bright red. I voted "Not removed, but changed to a color less bright and distracting" in the poll.
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