Bucs afraid of the Atlanta Falcons this year

im not watchin no 4 minute video with subtitles.. just explain it
I know we are pretty relieved of a lot of stupid moves they made this year. I know that the Saints will probably give us a run for our money this year.
Stupid moves? Which ones do you speak of besides making Winslow, who definitely isn't a slouch himself, the highest paid tight end in the NFL? AngeloCrowell had 140 tackles in 2007 and sat out all last year with a knee injury and we got him for cheap. We got Derrick Ward at a reasonable price, re-signedMichael Clayton who is one of the top blocking wide receivers in football, signed Byron Leftwich who was just the backup for the Super Bowl champions, and gotrid of Brooks who was getting trucked left and right at the end of the season. We also had a solid draft in which we got our QB of the future who to me mightend up being better than both QB's taken before him this year and Sammie Stroughter in the 7th round that could end up being our #2 receiver/slot receiverthis year. And they're going to be awful? They were 9-3 before their defense gave up last year and Brooks and June were two of the biggest problems. Tampais going to suprise some people.
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