Bumbershoot 2007

Apr 8, 2006
Lineup so far: The Shins, Wu-Tang Clan, Panic! At The Disco, Crowded House, Lupe Fiasco :pimp:

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bumbershoot sounds like it is going to be pretty good this summer.
wu tang and lupe wont do good on the same stage. the killa bees are going to whoop emo rappers.lol
Team Pacific Northwest​
^^^ There's no guarantee they'll be on the same bill. They've put rappers on different bills before, although it would make sense they'd put both of them on the Hip-Hop 101 show. I just hope they do it at night because when 101 is during the day, nobody goes and it's wack (anyone remember De La when Fife Dawg joined them on stage...yeah, neither does anyone else because it was at 1 in the afternoon).

Anyway, Bumbershoot always brings it with the comedy stage, that's for sure. I only went one day last year and watched three shows in there. It was awesome.
Wu-Tang will quite possibly be the best act at Bumbershoot ever.
Ray Allen = G.S.O.A.T.
Wu-Tang will quite possibly be the best act at Bumbershoot ever.

I can already think of a few that were probably better, like a little band called Soundgarden.
i saw lupe when he was at UW a while ago. his live show is pretty damn good, hes got a lot of energy
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damnit i'm gonna miss wu-tang...i'm gonna outta town! someone post vid clips please! thanks :smile:
i missed it last year with tribe...i GOTTA be there this year. its the WU man! anyone have an idea if EVERYone is comin, or just sum of em?
ODB will be there.

Hes a secret surprise guest, i bet son will dead the competition, word...
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