C2 x T21D - "EL CHINGON" Air Force One Low - Pics

May 3, 2003
Custom made per request of T21D.

"El Chingon"






Pretty sure this is a love or hate custom.

Maybe too much blood? You judge...


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Well done on the bulletholes. The text needs a little more flow from letter to letter, but I imagine that painting on text is pretty difficult.

Still, well done, sir!
Those are pretty hot.
Chuckie: I got the dope moves.
Esteban: You got the what?
Chuckie: I got the stupid juice, I bust the stupid moves.
Thanks C, for coming through for our little show in good ol SanAnton. Thanks for the comments everyone. Since I, including everyone else, hates this particular split AF1. I decided that since everyone wanted to custom their forces with pics or portraits of scarface, I decided to be as original and as unique as possible. So, I called my personal artist C2 for his assistance and vision. I also wanted to pull C2 out of his elephant print/ union/ court challenge mentality and go gangsta on me. However, I regret that I should have taken the bulletholes with shattered glass effect. (Did I plant an idea in someone's head) But it reminded me of the 50cent album cover.I hope most of you know what "El Chingon" means, but it means BadMF in spanish.
^^^^^^ObiWanGinobili- you saw'em allright
Those are beautiful.

We Never Sleep...Unless There's School Tomorrow
I said the same thing in the pickup post.

Amazing work C2 as always.
Air Max Family X Pacific Northwest
When T21D had told me about this idea months ago I thought it was brilliant. After the finished product came in It exceeded all expectations I had for this design. These things look even sicker in person and they bring a breath of fresh air to the much hated on "scarface" af1's. Primo job C2!!
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