California Rep. Maxine Waters criticizes Obama

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First of all, I have nothing against people calling out Obama, or any other political figure, but the clip of Rep. Maxine Waters criticizing Obama kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  Instead of coming at Obama and saying that he hasn't done anything for the African-American community, this time should have been used to encourage our community to get up and make things happen for themselves.  To me, it reinforces this notion that opportunities is owed to us, which a lot of our people subconsciously believe and use as a crutch in their lives.  I know this may rub some the wrong way, but I honestly believe that it's passed time for our people (and people in general) to do what they have to do to make things happen and stop depending on others.

Inb4 "not this thread again" and subliminal racial comments.
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Not defending Obama but Maxine Waters is one of the more corrupt politicians in Washington.  There has to be TERM LIMITS for Congress.  Girl has been in Congress since 1991!  Yes 1991. 20 freaking years and people wonder why these morons in Washington can't get anything done.
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