Californian here... Just had Five Guys for the first time... In N Out is better.

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Yep. Five Guys double meat is about 3 patties at In N Out. Difference is Five guys is $6.69 and In N Out is about $3.50

In N Out also tasts better (tastes lighter and more fresh)

well done In N Out fries > Five guys Cajun fries. five guys fries are just like in n outs, but bigger.
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you're biased and wrong.

five guys ia amazing.

in and out is literally .5 worse than 5 guys but the pricing is amazing.

nothing is touching 5 guys fries.

tldr; five guys is better than in and out but just barely. in and out beats it based on price though
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tldr; five guys is better than in and out but just barely. in and out beats it based on price though

i appreciate both, as they are different... but in n out is my go-to because of price.

and whataburger is overrated-- it's a carls jr lite, imo.


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they are different tho :lol:

i bet if they were the same price you would choose five guys

they really need to bring in n out to michigan so i can finally try it


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What A Burger > both.
been in texas my entire life and love whataburger as much as the next man... but no. **** no :lol:

In-N-Out > Whataburger > Five Guys
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Had Five Guys for the first time a few months back. Was very impressed. In-N-Out is better though.
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Both places are great, but I feel in-N-out has a sort of a stigma to it and people will side with it no matter what.....taste is subjective anyway


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**** in-n-out as a staff, record label and as a motha****** crew b

Who thinks they're too good for the east coast?
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I'm a Texan.

Had both over 30 times each. I honestly prefer In-N-Out.

I feel like the flavor of In-N-Out's burgers is better. The patty has more flavor. The ingredients taste fresher. The fries are far from the best, but they taste alright with a packet of salt sprinkled over them.

Fives Guys burgers are a nice size, and they give you a ton of fries, but i'm not a fan of the prices.

Prices aside tho, i still prefer In-N-Out.

You can't go wrong with either one though. Some people just automatically pick In-N-Out because of hype. :stoneface:
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Shake shack tho>>>

In and out loyalists are just as bad iphone/apple fanboys. Can't tell them nothing about there burgers. And they think fries drenched in thousand island dressing is the greatest invention ever known to man. :lol:
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