May 12, 2003
I considered myself to be a big flightposite fan and I thought I knew of all their releases until JOJO changed the game and I saw these.

I never knew an all red flightposite 1 was ever released.

and then there are these:

Can someone please shed some light on the matter. Especially on the Carbon Fiber ones cause it says, "Sample" on the tag. Were these released anywhere?
those silver carbons weren't released. they were only samples. as for the other ones... the USA ones were made for the 2000 olympics & the miques were of course made for chamique holdsclaw. (sz. 12 isn't it?) & i think those black/royal ones are the pennys. (correct me if i'm wrong)
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Thanks, but do you have any info on the all red flightposites that are all the way to the left?
Those were samples. I think they were made for womens? Correct me if I am wrong. Also there was a gold carbon fiber one that was made as well. I'm not sure where you can find pics, but they are made.

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Yea everyone said it..The red ones were samples and as stated above i think they were for women..Not released..I wish i had some silver carbon fiber samples.. :frown:

'Kookies' pretty much said it, and there were also a few look-see FP1 samples that had a heel max air unit.

the silver carbons are the european versions, the ones that came out over here werent carbon
The Red FP's are sample that are actually a Men's size 9 which were mistagged as a women's size 9. They are similar to the purple FP1 in terms of reflectiveness/shine.

The silver carbon fibers are samples. I believe they are look-see samples and not standard sales samples because I have not seen very many of them around.

I'm just holding the fort (no homo! :rofl:
) until Jojo arrives. He's the FP king as far as I am concerned.
There's one other FP that JOJO doesn't have that I've only seen one other place before ever...

MP if you're reading this please bless us with pics.

They are beauties!

flightposite max:


i don't remember if i photoshopped those or not. in the OG pic i had, the bubble was either that grey color or a yellowish color. to be honest i don't remember. i do know i photoshopped these:


to match the tag archiepiscopal had put on the pic.

-RYan o_O
the euro silver FP1's were of a different material than that of the US releases...but the were NOT carbon fiber.

true, and the US version sucked big time, it scuffs like a mofo.
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Professor Hugh G Rection Ph D,

You did not photoshop the first pic. Those are archie's pics of the look see "Max" posites.

I was really into posites for awhile and still am a hardcore fan.

Here is my unofficial list of all the FP1 colorways...

black/black/yellow (look-see sample)
black/forest green/lime (look-see sample)
white/royal blue/orange #20 (allan houston player exclusive)
black/carbon fiber
black/metallic silver (euro version)
white/black/varsity red (TB colorway)
white/black (TB colorway)
white/black/royal blue (TB colorway)
black/black (TB colorway)
black/metallic silver/white (US version)
black/dark grey/red
black/metallic purple
black/metallic gold
black/metallic purple #8 (Kobe Bryant samples)
black/silver carbon fiber (look see samples)
white/black #23 (Mique samples)
black/black/royal blue PENNY (anfernee hardaway samples)
white/white/copper/navy #23 (Mique samples)
black/rose fade (look see samples)
white/black/green KG (kevin garnett player samples)
white/navy/royal blue PENNY (penny player samples)
white/black #21 (kevin garnett player samples)
white/black (air max in heel) (look see samples)

I think thats all, I'm sure there are many more that I havent seen before.
I was at a basketball camp this summer, and i saw a kid wearing White/Purple FP1 TBs. I have no idea where he got them or for what, and there was a number on the tab, but i don't remember what it was.

But anyway, there's one to add to the list.

-RYan o_O
Thanks for replies guys. I know a couple of years ago I went to and he had all types of flightposite pictures. But I haven't seen them since. Anyone got pics?
Posite Pics

Wish I could have the Full Screen shots available. If anyone knows if you can have show them any bigger let me know. The Full Screen version's file size is listed at the bottom, but there isn't a link to show it. . .

The shine is actually pretty "flat" on the FP's. There isn't any really any shine at all. But they do have a "grainy" feel to them.

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When I was living in Portland I saw a guy wearing a pair of the Navy Blue FP1's (that were a FTL exclusive) with an Air Max heel...anyone have pictures of those?

That was before I was REALLY into Posite's so I didn't inquire any further at the time...

Those Posite Maxes look like they turned out to be Signature Players.
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first of all, your all welcome for bringing up the silver carbon fiber fp1's...
...and thank whomever posted the "big list" of all the flightposites, but i still have so many questions. first of all, where the flightposite max's ever posted? i thought i had seen everything and then was completley shocked when these were posted. are there any side pics? where these just samples, player samples or what? please, MORE PICS!! second, what are the fp1's? i've never heard of or seen these. and third, does anyone have all the pics of all the player exclusives already posted (kobe's, garnetts, female players, Kidds, etc)

and last but not least, does anyone still have pis of the white foamposite max's??

These were samples for Tim Duncan in his rookie year for the playoffs. As far as I know not too many in existance and they only came in kids sizes and TD's size.
^ an other blk/silver/red was made too.

and yeah anyone else knows about gold carbon fibers?
Regards from a Beijing born Chinese.

i know this is off topic but since were talking about flightposites, do any of you know if the gold battlgrounds posite III are as wide as the white-based or black-based colors, cuz cyjack said in his review that the white ones were wider....thanks
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