Calling all Juelz Santana/Diplomats Heads... ID this song

Joined Oct 12, 2002
This girl is telling me she heard this song from one of Juelz' old mixtapes (maybe it was a Diplomats tape) and it goes something like:
Remember when I met you, I said I want you girl, I meant it, I said it. I #@#$ with you girl, I know my travel schedule hectic.

It's all sitting there and it's yours if it's there, we can get married and lost in the air, divorced in a year, I'm yours, I don't care.

Anyone remember anything that sounds remotely like this? I have the Back Like Cooked Crack series and it's not on those (I don't think). Any help would be appreciated. 
Joined Jan 29, 2007
"Hey Ma" (Pt. III) - Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana

Joint wit the Willie Hutch "I Choose You" sample

pics of the girl...
Joined Oct 12, 2002
Aw man I love NT.

 Good looks Blade Br0wn. I really didn't think anyone would know it. Hell, I didn't know there was a part 3 to Hey Ma. 
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