Calling all University of Houston students...

Aug 16, 2004
I'm planning on writing a feature about sneaker culture, but it has to have a tie-in to UH in the first place before anything. If you are a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and would like or don't mind being in the paper, could you reply or PM me please? I've talked to Jen at PG and I'll prolly try to include SF2, Sheikh's and maybe Shannon's and Active Athlete too, but the most important part is having students to put into the heart of the story.

Let me know and thanks in advance.

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I might be able to use y'all but I don't think so. I know there's still 3 or 4 of y'all at U of H. Shoebetcha

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im the asian guy walking around in jays and other cool kicks. you can spot me anywhere. i stick out like a sore thumb. ha!
Becuase superDANimals runs this city.
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