can anyone help me with this tumblr problem?

Joined Jun 21, 2008
i need to know how to display a "next page" link on my tumblr.

i found a code but it showed "next page" on each individual post.
this is the one i found

{block:tongue:agination} <div id="classic-pagination">

{block:tongue:reviousPage} <a href="{PreviousPage}" id="prev-page">Previous Page</a {/block:tongue:reviousPage}
{block:NextPage} <a href="{NextPage}" id="next-page">Next Page</a>{/block:NextPage}

thanks in advance.

</div><!-- #classic-pagination -->{/block:tongue:agination}
Joined Dec 9, 2007
Thread jack.

The video embeding is $#$@+!+ with me... I can't be the only one?
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