Can somebody plz school me on B-Grade Jordans?

danny tanner

Joined May 19, 2009
I know that B-Grade shoes are shoes that have been messed up during production and/or has flaws, but are the flaws really drastic or noticeable??

Where can you cop B-grades? Are they cheeper than standard shoe?

Any kind of info would be appreciated.
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With the quality that JB puts out these days, the fact that B-Grades even exist is somewhat puzzling. Most B-Grades onlyhave the slightest imperfection, i.e. a small, fine scratch somewhere or some wrinkling on one of the panels. About 3/4 of B-Grades are aesthetically nodifferent than the shoes you see on the shelves at your local retailer, but for whatever reason, didn't pass QC standards somewhere along the productionline. Most B-Grades are sold at the Factory Stores (outlets), especially performance and statement models, but they also make it to discount chains like Ross,Marshalls, etc.
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I've heard that once a shoe is spotted as a defect, the 50 or 100 shoes made before the defected and the 50 or 100 ones made after it are considered"b" grades. So sometimes the mistakes arent noticeable and you can find them at Outlets or from re-sellers.

Its cool because they are wayyy cheaper than retail, and you can sometimes find ones where nothing is wrong with it.
Joined Feb 15, 2009
thats cool i thought they were just jordans that would fall apart after afew uses guess i was wrong
Joined Jul 13, 2002
Originally Posted by k r e a m

thats cool i thought they were just jordans that would fall apart after afew uses guess i was wrong

Nowadays, that could happen to what they consider A grades.
Joined Jan 30, 2009
On my b-grade DMP 11's the only flaw is that the glue is noticeable but only if u look way up close and examine. B-grades FTW
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