Can someone post their setup for sneaker photography...

bump this up share your secrets or pm us :wow:
just a black or white backround with sheets
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just a black or white backround with sheets
Make a light tent
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I use a large piece of laminated white paper and curve it with shoes on top, a small lamp will do, have more for a better shot and you can have that shadow background look, heres a simple one, no lamps

EDIT: Also the type of camera you use is the most important thing!!!

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Hey Ty, could you take a pic of the set-up, I'm going to try this later, don't ask why I have spare poster board laying around.

Not the resulting picture but like a "behind the scenes" picture.


i use the same lighting as kapepper (hoi! haha) and i use a sheet of white paper.

will post a pic of my "setup" if I got the chance. as promised:

poor mans setup, but it works for me atm
That first pic is done with a velvet background and probably a couple of lights. Velvet basically absorbs all light so you get a sold black background withoutany reflections.

To do something like this I believe you just place a piece of glass overtop of the velvet but you might have to edit out where the glass ends toward the rear. I've never done it before so I could be wrong...
dsc025022.jpg hey shooto! u got better pics to show man !
here i go with my poor gearand my last pic of a pair of plain white forces just a tripod and the cam. lighting was a spotlight lamp producing yellow light but not close to the object andthats how it got the shadow wide lense is a must
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