Can Vampires Get AIDS If They Bite Someone With It?

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I was walking home from Center City and while I was drinking my Arizona tea (99 cents, aye), it hit me: If a vampire sucked the blood of someone with AIDS, would they get it?  I know vampires are big in pop culture these days, so maybe a True Blood or Twilight fan can answer this question. 


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It has to get in their bloodstream. so i suppose if they have a cold sore or something they could get AIDS from biting someone with it.
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Originally Posted by ILLIONAIRE

Dog, stop making posts.
I'm surprised you're not taking stories from a popular urban blog right now and posting them as your own.
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IIRC from RPGs and whatnot Vampires are highly resistant, if not immune, to most diseases so no they would not contract AIDS


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Originally Posted by rocman23

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came in here to post this. howeeeeever, I'm sure they can get aids, but they wouldn't die from it. they are immortal duh!
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of course this is a fantasy thread full of hypotheticals but I'm going to answer this question the most logical way possible.

It doesn't matter because the whole reason why AIDS is feared is because it can kill you but vampires have eternal life, so it'll just be like catching any other non-deadly virus. you just catch it and live with it
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